Scrum master & Scrum meetings

What would you suggest to do different next time?

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  2. Giving specific max time for each person to speak. Because when one person speaks for 10 min, other one has 2-5min. If there are some individual questions which doesn't involve everyone, they should be solved after the meeting, not during it, but it is only my personal opinion. That way we would keep the session more focused. Had a feeling in some meetings that time was a little bit waisted. Also people need to be prepared before the meeting what to say, so it is only the most important things.
  3. Maybe to ask the team to fill in the goals before the sprint planning session. Just to have the session itself for various questions, discussions and overall analysis of the team goals.
  4. A bit more depth - I would suggest for SM to try be more focused and listen to the one who's talking more, provide suggestions and reflect, not only to be a passive listener. Also on the sprint retro's I would suggest to reflect deeper into the team's insights and provide even deeper actions.
  5. No suggestions.