Scrum master & Scrum meetings

Hi, Team,


Please share your thoughts and ideas about our Sprint meetings and Scrum masters work until next Sprint review (2023-05-18)

Thank you a lot!


How did you liked structure of scrum ceremonies?
Rating it 10/10, but I missed a lot of sessions because I was sick and on holiday.
Everything was great! Nothing much to ad really
You always managed the time very well, you tried to make the ceremonies more interesting (especially in the beginning), so overall I rate it as 4/5 (because there is always room for improvement and Scrum master's job is not very easy!)
I like how we fill in the stickers before the Retrospective meeting, that we have more time to discuss and share. Also I believe meeting we have actually work well, Sprint Start and Retrospectives, both are always right on time and goes smoothly. Morning meetings that we have, I believe it is a good amount (3 in the week), it is nice how we each share what going on, and also discuss any isue and advice each other when needed. :)