Self-representation on Instagram

Hello, I am Ainė and Your opinion matters for me, I am looking forward for your answers! The objective of the survey is to figure out how people represent themselves on Instagram and what do they think about the creation of fake online persona. This survey is targeted at all Instagram users. The survey is completely anonymous and not compulsory. Anyone who participates will receive +50 karma points for helping :) If you have any questions feel free to cantact me via email: [email protected] Thank you for participation, you will receive your karma points immediatelly. 

Give feedback about this survey. Thank you :)
Your cover letter is very informal, but having in mind your potential respondents, it is still suitable. Also, it contains the essential information. It is a bit strange that the question "Does your personality and appearance created online match your personality and appearance in reality?" is an open one. If you wanted the respondent to comment upon it, you should've indicated it. :) Other than that, this was a great attempt to create an Internet survey!
The topic is relevant to me. The questions were interesting. I really hope that I will get those 50 karma points ;-]
A very good survey, it represents your topic perfectly.
A very interesting topic. Perfectly chosen questions and can’t wait to hear about results!
I liked the cover letter, because it wasn't too much information in it and I like the objective of this survey it is really interesting.
Thanks for karma points. Age range could be narrowed and occupation other than that, a great topic to do a research about :)
I liked the survey, specific questions, a lot of space to express your opinion :)