Self-representation on Instagram

Hello, I am Ainė and Your opinion matters for me, I am looking forward for your answers! The objective of the survey is to figure out how people represent themselves on Instagram and what do they think about the creation of fake online persona. This survey is targeted at all Instagram users. The survey is completely anonymous and not compulsory. Anyone who participates will receive +50 karma points for helping :) If you have any questions feel free to cantact me via email: [email protected] Thank you for participation, you will receive your karma points immediatelly. 

What do you think about people who create fake image of themselves on Instagram?
I think that such people do not feel valid in reality, so they tend to fake themselves on the internet. Also, they do impact on younger users
Probably they don't feel good in their own skin, they feel like the fake image may help them to build their confidence.
I think they want to feel accepted by society since everyone shows only perfect images and lifes
I think it is a bad thing to do, because when people meet someone who they met on Instagram and that person seems like not the one from the picture, the first thought about that kind of person is that he or she is a liar.
People see other people's life and want to act like they live like them.
I think it doesn't make any sense. Relations of every kind take place in the real life and not on a social network, so I can't get why a person should appear different from the reality.
To a certain extent I think it's okay. I use filters to make my pictures more aesthetically pleasing, and I use Face Tune to smooth out details on my skin/body, sharpen some other details in the picture, and so on; but they are just touch ups, every photographer does that, and even more. It's normal. When people edit their picture so much that in real life you can't even recognize them and they look "fake", then that is not okay at all! They have serious body image issues, and are fooling themselves the most about the way they look.