Service for reviewing students' papers (for lecturers)

We are initiating a new service which will allow you to receive the orders from our students to review their papers. We kindly ask you to answer some questions which will help us create better service.

How would you see this service working

Students would be able to issue a review request for their papers. Lecturers will see the review request and will be able to offer student their services. Once the student chooses the lecturer, he or she would be responsible for the creation of the review. 

Student will pay for the service. We will deduct small comission fee.

Will you consider using such service?
Do you think this service would reduce the levels of academic dishonesty?
How much this service would be beneficial for you?
What price will you charge for your services?
Do you think that the anonymity of the reviewer should be ensured?
Do you think that the anonymity of the student should be ensured?
Do you think students should have the possibility to offer review request to lecturers from the same school?
Your sex
Your position

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