Slim-fit ladies jeans

I am master degree student of Fashion Engineering at Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania). I am currently performing the research which purpose is to reveal the demand and the comfortability of slim-fit ladies jeans also the objective group of users.

We kindly ask for Your brief answers to questions below: when answering the questions, choose one option, most suitable for You and mark or write it down. If You feel like marking two answers, please do so.


This research is anonymous and the results will be used in master degree work. 

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1. What is Your age?Required to answer
2. What is Your height?Required to answer
3. What is Your weight?
4. What is Your waist size?Required to answer
5. What is Your hip size?Required to answer
6. What is Your body shape type?Required to answer
7. What type of jeans You wear?
8. Do You have slim-fit jeans?
9. What are the reasons for You not having slim-fit jeans?
10. How often are You wearing slim-fit jeans?
12. Where are You wearing slim-fit jeans mostly?
13. Are You satisfied with the comfort of slim-fit jeans?
14. If You are not satisfied with the comfort of slim-fit jeans, name the reasons and areas in which You are feeling discomfort:
15. In your opinion what determines the comfort of slim-fit jeans?
16. Which jeans waist-line height You prefer the most?
17. Which option of front side detail in slim-fit jeans You like best?
18. Which type of slim-fit jeans yoke You like best?
19. Which of slim-fit jeans side stitch option You like best?