Social networks and young people: opportunities and risks

Hello, I am second year VMU student of business finance. The goal of this survey is to find out what kind of opportunities and what kind of risks people come across in the social network. This survey is anonymus and results will not be published anywhere but presented in a scientific research. Thank you for your time and anwsers.

What is your gender
Your age
Year of study
Do you have any of social network?
How much time (average, daily) you spend using social networks?
Did you ever find friends/same-minded people through social network? Describe a short situation
Have you ever been scamed through social network?
Do you find yourself in a situation when you scroll through social network but you should be doing something important?
Does scrolling in social network help you to relax?
Have you ever got something valueable from social network? (a thing, someone saw your ability to sing/dance etc., income). Describe it.
Is followers number important to you?