SSCI FA2018 - Post Project Evaluation

Dear Student

Thank you for sharing this journey . Hope you enjoyed it.

This survey will be used to improve the course for next Talented Architects

It wont take 10 min.


Ayman M Ismail

The poll results are private
Please evaluate the followingRequired to answer
I think that "learning is fun" idea was great (as in this course)
I think the video project bonded us as a team
I enjoyed working for the video
I think I learnt a lot more about the person by doing the video
Presenting the video in front of the jury was better than grading it quietly
The Jury Day was well organized
I think I learnt a lot more about the monument by doing the video
I enjoyed doing the research for this video
I felt my work got sufficient time to be presented
I was not impressed by the Dr style of teaching
I learnt more from doing the video than the actual lectures
I had so much fun doing the video
Laughter and teaching do not match
I did not expect the video would be fun
I used outside help to make my video
I think I understand the doctor's message to us
I used to think History was boring
I love History (as in this course)
I enjoyed watching other friends videos as well as ours
What lessons did you learn in making this video (bullets)Required to answer
What are the biggest mistakes you did in making the video you want others to avoid?Required to answer
What do you think the message of the course is?Required to answer
What did you discover about yourself while making this video?Required to answer
How long did you actually work on the project?Required to answer
What is the biggest difficulty you faced in doing the project?Required to answer
Please write your comments. They are valuable to me..