Stereotype gender roles: why did society need them and does it need them now?

Hello! I am Rūta Budvytytė, a second year New Media Language student in Kaunas University of Technologies. I am doing a research on topic "Stereotype gender roles: why did society need them and does it need them now?". The objective of the survey is to find out do society uses stereotypical gender roles nowadays, most importantly do they need it. I would like to invite you to do this research if you are older than 13 years old. The survey is anonymous. If you would like to contact me through email: [email protected]

Thank you for participating!

Do our society needs stereotypical gender roles? Why? Why not?
no because it's sexist
Sometimes yes, sometimes not. In general, we assume that men are stronger physically just because most of the times they ARE indeed stronger. Yet women are not weaker either and can do things that men can't handle, both mentally and physically.
No, because everyone has the right to choose how they want to live their life
No, because it shortens people opportunities, women are afraid to take upon themselves some type of a job, same for men also, because they believe they they will be judged
No, because everyone could be who they want to be and that depends only on the person or on the family beliefs. In such a case, no one cannot judge others and use these stereotypical gender roles.
No, because it is the 21st century.
They think that they need this type of society because they used to but is not true its only about traditions.