Stray Kids' communication on Twitter

Hello! I am Kamilė Jončaitė, a second-year student at Kaunas University of Technology. I'd like to invite everyone, especially Stray Kids' fans, to participate in my research about South Korean group's communication on Twitter. The main purpose of this research is not only to study the communication of Stray Kids, but also other factors: how their activity affects fans' perception of the group and relationship. The participation of this questionnaire is not obligatory, however, I would be really thankful if you could take few minutes of your time and answer the questions. 

The survey is anonymous and collected results/information will be used for research purposes only

If you have any questions or would like to get in contact with me, you can do it through:

Thank you!

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Have you heard of Stray Kids?Required to answer
If yes, on which social media platform did you notice Stray Kids?
Do you follow Stray Kids on Twitter?Required to answer
If yes, do you interact with Stray Kids' tweets often?
When do you engage with Stray Kids' tweets the most?
Do you you experience parasocial relationship with Stray Kids?Required to answer
Parasocial relationship - when a person feels a strong connection with an artist, actor, singer or any other person whom they do not know personally.
If yes, what are the main factors of experiencing parasocial relationship?
Do you agree that Stray Kids' communication on Twitter encourages parasocial relationships?
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