Survey about purchasing of coffee drinks

Dear respondent,

We are 3rd year students of Global Business and Marketing in Vilnius University. Currently we are conducting a research on customers’ purchasing behavior of coffee drinks.  The following survey is anonymous and its results will be strictly used solely for the project in marketing research course.  

We thank you in advance for your honest answers.          

Have you bought coffee drinks in the last 7 days?
How many coffee drinks have you purchased in the last 7 days?
Where have you purchased coffee drinks most often in the last 7 days?
What type of coffee drink did you purchase the most in the last 7 days?
Please indicate how much you typically pay for a coffee drink
How important are these criteria for you when selecting a type of coffee drink? (1-very unimportant, 10-very important)
1 (very unimportant)2345678910 (very important)
Recommendations from friends
Recommendations from family
In your opinion, how much each of these criteria influences tastiness of a coffee drink? (1-not at all, 10-extremely influences)
1 (not at all)2345678910 (extremely influences)
Strength of coffee
Existence of caffeine
Type of coffee beans used
Please evaluate physical characteristics of a cup of coffee drink according to their importance for you when purchasing a coffee drink (1-very unimportant, 10-very important)
1 (very unimportant)2345678910 (very important)
Type of material (plastic, paper, ceramic...)
Brand on a coffee cup
What is your gender?
What is your age?
What is your monthly income on average?