Survey finding opinions on the effect of the Internet

For a college project

The poll results are public

How old are you? ✪

What is your occupation? ✪

How often do you use the Internet? ✪

Are you computer-literate? Do you think that it is important to be able to use the Internet in today's society? ✪

What do you use the Internet for (Pick as many reasons as you want)? i.e. Business, work, educational purposes, social media, games etc ✪

What do you think of Internet-based gadgets? i.e. Smartphones, tablets ✪

Do you use social media regularly? What is the benefit of Facebook, Blackberry Messenger etc compared to phone calls and letters? ✪

Do you download music, films etc off the internet? Do you use illegal or legal methods? Why - are you concerned about it's effect on the economy etc? ✪

How do you think the Internet will change in the future (Say 100 years)? I.e. it's uses, capability ✪