Survey finding opinions on the effect of the Internet

For a college project

Do you use social media regularly? What is the benefit of Facebook, Blackberry Messenger etc compared to phone calls and letters?
f u
yes .business as well as social meets
quick and faster for group entry
yes, easy connected to my all old friends
We can have a long friend list and also find old friends with whom we were not in contact yes
Yes, because they are faster, easy and affordable way of communication.
Yes. Sometimes we can't talk via phone calls due to privacy issues. So, we can use messenger applications wisely and moreover we can't send images, videos, docs, location, etc via phone calls.
YES.Facebook keeps people connected though they live very far
I regularly use Facebook and WhatsApp. These are cheaper compared to phone calls. If we talk about letters will take too long to reach and get a reply back. So the WhatsApp does well. But letter writing skills are been demolished.
instant contact
yes. to keep updated about our friends and others .
Yes. I get to know worldwide messages in an instant and I stay connected with friends and family.
Yes Facebook messenger etc these things I use everyday
yes. you can see pictures as well as videos of our friends and other persons
yes i do use social media. can easily send a message with photos etc if passed through face book or messenger apps
face book
Yes. Social Networking
more information
To know
facebook, phone calls
Fast communication
yes i use them regularly
yes I use social media regularly. First i want to say that any socialising media like facebook, Blackberry messenger, Whatsapp is less time consuming..Low costing..we don't have to recharge our phone again n again for calling...Today, there are million of peoples are using social media..The most latest feature in these social media which is attracting people is calling..we dont have to waste money in calling..only we have to recharge for 1 month..there are various plans for internet packs..This is the eaiest way of communicating through people.
Quick and easy to get in touch with people. Yes I use regularly.
Yes, I like to keep up to date with my family in America it's the best way to keep in touch and it's free. Facebook is beneficial for my job as we have a secret group on it where shift updates are posted and its just an easy way to keep staff informed as everyone is always on Facebook.
As I live away from most of my family, i like to keep intouch with them by social media, I do like to use the phone to hear the voices of my family but it is sometimes not possible to speak to them in person,
yes the benifets of facebook are being able to chat to friends
it is cheaper to use them that ring
Facebook is immediate and helps keep in touch with a very wide range of people in one go.