Survey finding opinions on the effect of the Internet

For a college project

How do you think the Internet will change in the future (Say 100 years)? I.e. it's uses, capability
f u
yes .probability there .
may be
as sure after 100 year we will get more faster internet and usability will be more than now
It has a great future and will become a necessity
Definitely will change. All the Internet service provider company are trying their best to provide high speed connection possible at a cheaper rate. And the scientists around the world of different organisations are trying to send more satellites so that the service provided may be of top class.
Everything is advantageous when people don't change much. People stopped coming outside much. No chit-chats in nearby cafeteria, no hanging around with friends, all these are disadvantageous.
use will increase,rates will come down.
There may be a change in speed like 3g 4g 5g and so on.
people get more fonded and addicted too and it will be the basic necessity too
it will increase the speed.Also the charges.
More artificial intelligence will be applied and these will be more handy and useful. Even may be we can get to know the climate and happenings in other planets by own.
I think it will be cheap
it will become more cheaper and everyone will be able to afford.
it will have itsiinfluence in ones life more than what it is today. it brings knowledge
People shall become totally dependent on internet. No work shall be possible without internet.
evolve more
Its all in over hands
Also known about my thing
yes defintely.
everything will be through internet
These days interest became a basic need.
make humans more aware about everything
It aware people of everythingm if we want to know about something or gather information, internet is the best medium to find that.
Internet will change in the future rapidly because machines might take over your job. Already, machines are capable of many manual tasks, and they’re starting to gain mastery over high-level and intellectual tasks, like writing. Combined with the ubiquity of the Internet, these apps will make it so that less work and more resources are directly available. The need for people to work will decrease along with job availability (at least, ideally), resulting in a system that’s more or less balanced. As we struggle to find this balance, we’ll undoubtedly encounter hurdles of joblessness and unbalanced resource distribution—but these are short-term drawbacks of a more connected, richer world.
I think in 100 there will be something far greater than the internet and whatever it is it will look nothing like it does today.
Erm hard to say, I think you will be able to do a lot more things with social media websites like buy things over it.
more and more information will be available to users of the internet,
it will be on more devices and faster
yer the internet keeps getting better each year
I have no idea and wont be hear to worry about it.