Survey for purchasing behavior of beer consumer

Note : Respondent under 18 year old can not participate in the survey and your responses are completely anonymouse . 

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Have you purchased beer during last 30 days ?Required to answer
If "NO", please do not continue filling questionnaire.
How often do you usually purchase beer ?Required to answer
Where do you usually purchase beer ?Required to answer
What sort/ type of beer do you usually purchase ?Required to answer
Please , evaluate an importance of presented below criteria for selection ?Required to answer
1 (Very important )2345678910 ( Very unimportant)
Name of brand
Style (Belgian Gueuze and etc)
Alcohol content
Type of fermentation (Top/bottom/spontaneous)
Type/sort of grain
Date of expiry
Type of flavor
Country of origin
Please , evaluate physical characteristics of bottle of beer according to their importance when you are purchasing beer ?
1 (Very important )2345678910 ( Very unimportant)
Type of material (Metal , plastic , glass and etc. )
Size of bottle /can
Size of box /pack (6 bottles /cans in one box/pack and etc.)
Please , indicate your age group ?Required to answer
What is your gender ?Required to answer
Please , indicate your monthly income level ?Required to answer