Survey for Veteran Interests

Thanks in advance for taking this short survey. As a veteran, your opinions and experiences are important  The data collected will be helpful in providing meaningful information primarily for planning activities, especially with a local veteran history seminar. Your contact information will always be treated confidentially and will not be traded or sold. Please note that every question is optional. Although this is the 3rd edition of this survey we are still learning, from you, so feel free to add options.

The poll results are private
1) Indicate the branch of service you served in.
2) What other veteran organizations do you actively participate in. Fee to add your favorite options we missed.
3) What sports or outdoor activities do you participate in? You're invited to add options that are your favorite we missed.
4) What level of interest do you have in attending a Local Veteran History seminar?
5) What type of veteran events do you prefer. Free to add options we missed.
6) What hobbies and indoor activities do you participate indoors? Free to add options we missed,
7) How would you rate the VA benefits you are receiving?
ExcellentNeutralNeed improvement
VA Healthcare
GI Bill
Vetern Business Counselling
VA Healthcare
Tricare for Life
8a ) Demograhic info. input geographical location, ie your city, county or your zip code
8b) What is your age grouping? Senior, Boomer,Gen X, Retired, D/O/B okay,
9) To receive future event and poll requests, enter your preferred contact info; ie:email address, text number, whatsapp. etc?
10) Anything you would like to add? Leave best contact info if you can volunteer to make things happen.
10) Anything you would like to add? Leave contact info. if you are willing to answer other questions or surveys.
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