Survey Questionnaire (This is a minor questionnaire of a study, part of our regular MBA program). You are cordially requested to fill up these questionnaire to make my work more fruitful.

This questionnaire has been designed to conduct a research on ‘Assessing the Expectation and Perception gap of Dhaka University Students Regarding Facilities to fulfil the requirement of the internship, under the Department of Marketing University of Dhaka.

Part A: 1. Are you happy with the residential facilities of Dhaka University?
2. Teaching Quality of Dhaka university teacher’s are-
3. Do you think there is a lot of opportunity to improve the standard of education in DU?
Part B: Perceptions Statements in the Reliability Dimension 1. When Dhaka University promises to do something by a certain time, they do so.
2. Dhaka University performs the service right the first time.
3. Dhaka University insists on error-free records.
Perceptions Statements in the Responsiveness Dimension 4. Dhaka University keeps customers informed about when services will be performed.
5. Employees in Dhaka University give you prompt service.
6. Dhaka University has always a motive to help you.
7. Teacher/ Employees never show business to respond to your request.
Perceptions Statements in the Assurance Dimension. 8. The behavior of employees/ Teacher in DU instills confidence in you.
9. You feel safe in your transactions with DU.
10. Employees/ Teacher have the knowledge to answer your question.
11. Teacher / employees are consistently courteous with you.
Perceptions Statements in the Empathy Dimension. 12. DU always gives you individual attention.
13. DU has employees/ Teacher who give you personal attention.
14. DU has your best interest at heart.
15. Employees / Teacher understand your specific needs.
16. DU has operating hours that are convenient to all its customers.
Perceptions Statements in the Tangibility Dimension 17. DU has modern-looking equipment.
18. DU’s physical facilities are visually appealing.
19. DU’s employees/ Teacher appear neat.
20. Materials Associated with the service are visually appealing at DU.
Part C: Personal Questions: 1. Gender:
2. Occupation:
3. Income:
Which faculty are you from?

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