Survey Questionnaire (This is a minor questionnaire of a study, part of our regular MBA program). You are cordially requested to fill up these questionnaire to make my work more fruitful.

An investigation into the effect of deceptive advertising on customer loyalty in telecom sector: A case study on Banglalink.

Part: A (Questions related with effects of different advertisements on people) (Please click on the circle you prefer most) 1. What kind of advertising do you find the most suggestible?
2. When you watch an advertisement, do you think you are influenced?
3. For what type of products advertising seems more deceptive?
4. According to you, are deceptive (প্রতারণামূলক) advertisements easy to identify?
Part: B (Questions relate with Banglalink’s present advertisements) 5. Do you find Banglalink’s advertising deceptive(প্রতারণামূলক)?
6. If you ever are deceived(প্রতারিত) by Banglalink, what will be your state of mind?
7. If Banglalink is ever caught deceiving people, what you think should be done to the company?
Part: C (Questions related with adverse effect of deceptive advertising) If you ever find Banglalink’s claims in the advertisement to be deceptive, you can do the following. 8. Deceptive ads should be complained to the concerned authority
9. The company should apologize to the public
10. The message of deception should be spread
11. The message should be spread in the social media
12. The company should be punished
Part: D (Questions related with the negative effect of the advertisement on customer loyalty of the company). 13. That product should not be bought anymore
14. That product should not be recommended to others
15. If that company ever brings other products in the market, one should not buy.
16. One should switch to the competitors
Part: E Demographic Information. 17. Sex
18. Age
19. Educational Status
20. Professional service

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