SweatShops in Europe

I am a second-year student of Bachelor of New Media Language from the Kaunas University of Technology, and I am pursuing the research project about SweatShops in Europe. The purpose of the questionnaire is to analyze if people are introduced to this global problem in Europe. I will be grateful if you spend some of your valuable time and favour me by answering some questions from your perspective on the subject of the research study. This questionnaire's answers are private, so feel free to express your valuable opinion.

 My e-mail: [email protected]

Thank you for your time!

The poll results are private
What is your gender?
How old are you?
Are you currently...?
Where are you mostly going to shop your clothing items?
(You may select as many choices as you like)
How often do you go shopping new clothe's items?
Do you consider where your clothes are produced (e.g. how they are made/who made them)?
How much do you already know about sweatshops in the textiles industry?
Do you think there are sweatshops in your country?
(If yes, specify the shops)
Would you continue to shop from brands if you knew that they used sweatshops?
What can the international community do to clamp down on sweatshops?
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