The effect of emotional intelligence of Danske Bank A/S Danske Invest department employees work results.

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I am a 3rd year student of the Investment and Insurance study program of the Faculty of Economics of Vilnius University Of Applied Sciences. I am currently writing a bachelor's thesis on the topic "The effect of emotional intelligence of Danske Bank A/S Danske Invest department employees work results". Your answer to each is very important. The questionnaire is anonymous, so your answers will be summarized, systematized and used only for the purposes of this survey.

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Your gender:
Your age:
Your work experience in the company:
Do you like your job position?
How do you value and perceive your emotions in the work environment?
Do you know your strengths and weaknesses and try to strengthen them?
How do you deal with negative emotions?
In a difficult situation you:
How often do you feel stressful in work environment?
How do you deal with stress at work (write your answer)?Required to answer
How do you feel at work?
While experiencing failure at work you:
How do you respond to criticism?
How do you understand other people's emotions in work environment?
Evaluate your social skills (1 - very bad, 5 - very good):
I can listen to others
I can ask for help
i feel thankful
I can ignore the extraneous interference
I can follow instructions
I can be attentive
I can start a conversation
I can ask for a help or offer it
I can establish and maintain close contact with people around me
I can get to know and name my feelings
I can name the feelings of another person
I can empathize with another person's situation
I can control my anger
I can acknowledge my weaknesses
I can act constructively in critical situations
I can solve problems
I can take the consequences of my behavior
I can respond well to failure
I can relax
I can make a decision  
I can say "NO"
Your suggestions and recommendations that would help the company to improve in the field of strengthening the emotional intelligence of employees (insert):
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