The Impact of Multiculturalism on Entrepreneurship

A lot of international businesses have failed to hit the ground running, mainly due to the multicultural challenges entrepreneurs encounter in the countries where their businesses are internationalized. Differences exist in national cultures, and hence, their impact on management processes cannot be over-emphasized (Brannen, & Doz, 2010).

What is your gender?
What age group do you belong to?
Which educational group do you belong to?
Are you from the country where you currently reside?
Do you own a business or do you work for a company that is outside your country of origin?
What's your experience working for the present company?
Does culture play a significant role in how your business/company operates?
Do you have employees?
If yes, are all your employees from the same country as yours?
If not, does their diverse background reflect or affect how they do their work?
Have you noticed any specific advantages or benefits to having a multicultural workforce?
Does miscommunication happen between you and your team?

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