The impact of social media on modern music and artists

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We are students of Creative Industries study program in Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. Our object is to make a research about the impact of social media on music and artists for our course work.


Questionnaire is anonymous. The obtained data will be used only for the course work.

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1. How do you usually listen to music?Required to answer
You can choose more than one option
2. How often do you use streaming platforms for listening to music?Required to answer
3. What streaming platforms do you usually use?Required to answer
4. How do you usually discover new artists?Required to answer
Social media
Streaming service suggestions
5. Do you agree with the statement that social media helps to gain listeners for fresh artists?Required to answer
6. Do you agree that social media has made it easier for artists to express themselves?Required to answer
7. Do you agree that social networks have made it easier to create and explore new genres of music?Required to answer
8. What kind of music do you listen the most?Required to answer
You can choose more than one option
9. Do you believe that modern music is more attractive than it used to be in the past centuries?Required to answer
10. Do you listen music of past centuries?Required to answer
11. Does appearance of the modern music artist is important to you?Required to answer
12. Does the profile of music artist on social media is important to you?Required to answer
13. Does the content, which music artist post/share on their social media has an influence on you?Required to answer
14. Do you agree that streaming platforms help artists earn money from their music?Required to answer
15. Have you ever used pirated content?Required to answer
16. Are you using pirated content?Required to answer
17. Do you think the availability of digital platforms reduces the level of piracy?Required to answer
18. Do you agree that social media has completely changed the music industry?Required to answer
I don't know
19. Are videos of music making, which is placed on social media motivate you to create music by your own?Required to answer
20. Are pictures or various videos on social media inspires you to get into creative activity?Required to answer
21. What is your sex?Required to answer
22. Please specify your ageRequired to answer