The Influence of Culture on Visual Perception of Instagram Pictures


My name is Justina Kazlauskaite. I am a student of International and Intercultural Communication at Mykolas Romeris University. I am doing research about the influence of culture on visual perception. I need Turkish, Spanish and Lithuanian people to answer it. I would be grateful if you would answer to my questions. It will take only a few minutes. Information will be used for studying purposes only. Thank you!

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1. What is your gender?Required to answer
2. How old are you?Required to answer
3. What is your country of origin?Required to answer
4. What country do you live in at the moment?Required to answer
5. Which Religion do you assoiciate yourself with?Required to answer
6. Do you use Instagram?Required to answer
If no, thank you for your participation. Other questions will be related to the social network Instagram
7. How often do you check Instagram?Required to answer
8. What kind of photo do you normally browse in Instagram?Required to answer
9. Which of these colors is commonly associated with the characteristics of happiness?Required to answer
10. Please check which aspect you believe guided your desicion for question #9Required to answer
11. Whick color of these photos is commonly associates with the characteristics of sadness?
12. Please check which aspect you believe guided your desicion for question #11Required to answer
13. Do you think that any of these photos are offensive?Required to answer
If yes, select which one. If no, select no button.
14. Which color is the most attractive to you?Required to answer
15. Which one of these pictures is most attractive to you?Required to answer
16. Do you agree or disagree with the following statementsRequired to answer
I think that visual content is the best way to reach a wider audience.
I prefer "Follow" people from the same country as I am.
I prefer to press “heart“ button on pictures with a similar lanscape as my country.
I notice that some symbols, signs or colors of Instagram photos remind me my country.
I think that some of the pictures on Instagram offend my religion, culture or country.
I think that visual content should be more thoughtful than textual.