The possibilities of spending leasure time in different age groups

Hello, I am first course student of Utena College doing the social research about leasure time in different age groups and asking you for a help!  (This is an anonymous survey, so do not worry!)

The poll results are private
How much free time do you have per day?
You spend your free time:
Do you do morning exsercises?
What would you choose to visit on your free day?
What will you do, if your car broke down, however you need to go to score?
Do you have a main or a part-time job?
How much money do you usualy spend on your leasure time?
What is your hobbie?
How well do you "understand" :
Very wellI know main settingsI don't undertand anything
Computer and its programs
How many hours per day do you spend on internet communication?
Do you prefer video games than sports or board games?
How often do you visit places of entertainment and recreation?
Please, indicate how important it is for you at spending your leasure :
Very importantImportanNeutralNot important
To see my friends and relatives
Rejunivate and relax after study/work
Learn something new
Visit interesting places
Get emotions, empressions
From what sources do you usualy find out how and where to spend your free time?
Media (TV, Newspapers)
Street ads
Suggestions from friends and relatives
What is your marital status?
Who do you spend your leasure time with?
Family members
Beloved person
School/work friends
Randome people
Your age is:
Your gender is: