The Results of Natural Disasters

My name is Inga Asauskaitė and I am conducting a survey that would help me answer the question about how much people know about the results of natural disasters for my research paper. It would help me a lot if you could take part in this survey.

The answers are anonymous.

If you want to contact me, my email is: [email protected]


What do you think about this survey?
The cover letter could have been more informative and slightly more formal. Question "What do you think is the worst result of natural disasters?" lacks more answer options or could at least have "other". In your cover letter you indicate that you are interested to see if people know about the results of natural distasters. Questions like "How much do you know about how natural disasters are formed?" do not necessarily help to reach your research objectives. Other than that, this was a good attempt to create an Internet survey!
I do not have anything particular in my mind about this survey
Intresting and easy questions to answer, you can also find important information about natural disasters.
I think it's well done because it remains generic but you can understand a lot looking at the answers