The Sims Community Communication on Twitter

What is your opinion on The Sims Community on Twitter? (Do think it is wholesome? Or hateful? Can people express their opinion without being afraid of judgement?)

  1. Wholesome and really funny sometimes
  2. I don't use Twitter, but the community that engages with the official Sims Facebook account feel very strongly about something and if you disagree with them, then they treat you like you're an idiot.
  3. I think that generally across most platforms the Sims community is overwhelmingly positive! People support each others builds and are really engaged. I think the only times the media can become negative is in response to EA updates or fixes.
  4. I could say sometimes is pretty wholesome, but I've found pretty hateful people in there as well.
  5. Very negative from tome to time. People always complain about the games as if they are forced to play it.
  6. Mostly pretty judgemental, especially toward The Sims team.
  7. I think there’s good and bad - much like any online community. But I feel it can sometimes feel a little mob-mentality and even get a bit aggressive sometimes, obviously depending on the situation. I feel discussion can often get political and people do feel strongly about political issues so the above kind of makes sense.
  8. It has been mostly wholesome from what I have seen, but all communities have a little hate and discourse here and there.
  9. For the most part it's pretty accepting but there a few people who were VERY upset with the new pronoun update, and that was pretty telling.
  10. Wholesome but sometimes it is hard to join conversations. Also there tend to be quite strong opinions which are shared between everyone (eg. hate for Strangerville) and I wouldn't express it if i disagreed!