The Sims Community Communication on Twitter

What is your opinion on The Sims Community on Twitter? (Do think it is wholesome? Or hateful? Can people express their opinion without being afraid of judgement?)

  1. It depends. I just don’t anymore because no matter what it is I get attacked. I don’t think my thoughts have ever been hateful. I once said that EA said they were not going to do any repeats from sims 3. With emojis (😭😭😭) I said that in a post because it made me sad and I was so brutally attacked that I deleted my account.
  2. It’s alright
  3. I don't use Twitter for The Sims Community but I know twitter can be a toxic place with the Sims community.
  4. I believe it’s wholesome, people connecting on a topic they relate to and share ideas, share what they’ve created