The Sims Community Communication on Twitter

Have you ever had glitches in your game? Have you ever shared about these glitches to others? Friend/ family circle? Social Media Platforms?

  1. no
  2. No
  3. I have had glitches in my game, the most upsetting is that after an update my game history tends to get wiped. I message Sims 4 on social media but I didn't post about it
  4. Yes I have experience some glitches, but have not shared about those because have been about gameplay and I don't play the Sims really for it's gameplay, I like to create sims and build stuff, and those have not given me glitches at all.
  5. Have had glitches, didnt share
  6. I've had glitches but not shared them.
  7. Yes I have had glitches, but I haven’t complained on social media. I have moaned to my boyfriend and family.
  8. I have had glitches in game. I don’t share about it online. I would only speak to people in person when talking about the game.
  9. Yes and yes. Usually fb or Twitter.
  10. Yes. I haven't shared about them but I do read forums about people who have similar problems to see how they solved them. I wouldn't comment though