The Sims Community Communication on Twitter

Do you believe sharing glitches can be one of strategies to gain popularity for The Sims? (Copy Yes/No if don't have anything to add)

  1. maybe
  2. No
  3. Unsure
  4. Yes/No
  5. Could be a strategy but not a good one imo
  6. No
  7. I don’t think so. I don’t think poorly made packs have been good publicity for the sims.
  8. Yes
  9. No
  10. No
  11. Yes
  12. Yes
  13. Yes/No
  14. No
  15. No
  16. Nope. It's so sad and negative
  17. Yes
  18. No
  19. No
  20. Only if they're then fixed, otherwise it would be off-putting I think
  21. Yes.
  22. No
  23. Yes
  24. No
  25. Yes
  26. I have no idea to be honest.
  27. Yes - it's funny
  28. No
  29. No
  30. No
  31. Not sure. Showing the games flaws certainly can't gain players.
  32. Yes
  33. No, hmmm interesting point
  34. No, sharing what's wring with a game doesn't make people want to play it.
  35. Yes
  36. Yes
  37. Yes
  38. Yes if they’re funny
  39. No
  40. No
  41. I dont think so
  42. Yes
  43. Yes, people love chaos in all mod-able games. Glitches can be funny.
  44. No
  45. Absolutely not.
  46. No, the opposite. Surely sharing that the game has problems will make it less popular?
  47. no, reporting glitches or bugs serves as a way to get those fixed
  48. Sometimes it can be, since it brings back nostalgia that u want to experience once again
  49. Probably, those glitches seem funny
  50. Yes
  51. Yes, as long as it to help not to bash. Because if people see the gamers coming together to improve the game I think more will want to join the community of simmers.
  52. Yes
  53. No? Sharing glitches is and should be used to get tech support.
  54. Yes