The Sims Community Communication on Twitter

Hello, my name is Greta and I'm doing a survey about The Sims community communication on twitter and how The Sims gained their popularity. 

The purpose is to study the tactics, algorythms, coomunication between creators and their fans and how people feel being in The Sims community. 

This survey is anonymous and not obligatory, however your answers would help a lot in achieving the results for this study. You can see the results once the survey is submitted, but all personal information will be kept confidential. 

If you decide to fill this survey out it will be appreciated and if you have any questions you can contact me on: [email protected]

Is there anything you would like to add/ comment regarding this topic?
no, good luck with your project! :)
Overall, the sims community is really wholesome, just a couple hate comments every once in a while, but the nicest people can be found in this community, people ready to help and share opinions in hopes to, again, helo whoever needs it, either gameplay or trhing to solve glitches, etc.
I love the Sims and have been playing the Sims 1
The SIMs community screams we're tolerant yet the majority are the most intolerant, toxic people I have ever spoken with.
It may be helpful to identify which version(s) of the Sims you are referring to, as many versions have different communities that may sway people's answers in this survey.
I would be interested to know how the Sims community compares to other game communities, specifically for games by other developers.
The Caliente sisters conspired with Don Lothario and their alien ancestors to get Bella abducted
It's a game - it should be fun. People should be nice! Not everyone has to enjoy it in the same way, so hate or abuse should not be a part of it
I absolutely love the sims and the community!
As far as gaining popularity for the game, I think what has worked the best is word of mouth, people sharing the game with friends and spouses and such.
Not really.
The sims 4 community has to be the best for gaming that I’ve ever seen.
Facebook's sims community appears to be much nicer and healthier than twitters and I find that very interesting. I have had 0 issues on Facebook unlike on twitter.
Well overall its good that those “groups” “Communities” exists, it could be very helpful for begginers of the game and also the people that play a lot could learn something new or get new creative ideas
Sims 3 > Sims 4 If only Sims 3 had 4’s graphics 😩