The Sims Community Communication on Twitter

Hello, my name is Greta and I'm doing a survey about The Sims community communication on twitter and how The Sims gained their popularity. 

The purpose is to study the tactics, algorythms, coomunication between creators and their fans and how people feel being in The Sims community. 

This survey is anonymous and not obligatory, however your answers would help a lot in achieving the results for this study. You can see the results once the survey is submitted, but all personal information will be kept confidential. 

If you decide to fill this survey out it will be appreciated and if you have any questions you can contact me on: [email protected]

What's the most common topic you have seen to be discussed on twitter related to The Sims community?
On Facebook it's "Sims 4 sucks it needs x, y, and z" with very little discussion of the positive aspects of the game.
The new packs and custom content and build hacks (like using 9 & 0 to raise or lower objects)
Sims customization (better gender preferences, skins, hair and eye colors, more skins details), better building objects and customization too, so, yeah, mostly CAS and build, although, those are the tags I usually read, don't really know about gameplay.
Content that is expected to be released (cars, open world...) And the prices (especially of kits)
Ways to change the game.
Expansions, packs, and CAS
Where to find certain cc
Build inspirations Also, opinions about new packs released or speculation about future updates
I have seen the sims community really focus on their desires for bug fixes and what new content they would like to see in the sims 4 and in future iterations of the sims.
Ideas for gameplay, pictures of builds and storylines
The lack of fixes to current Sims play issues. People want a game they spend a considerable amount of money on, not to be broken.
People complaining about the Sims 4 not providing what they want in the game and not providing good content - many issues with packs being released too early.
broken game packs, too many kits, feeling unheard by the Sims team
The pronouns.
Problably what packs are good and not
If you don't agree with the gay/trans community you are homophobic/transphobic. That's 100 false, you can disagree with a lifestyle but still be friends with and love the person.
“Why are you releasing new content when so many parts of the game are broken.” “Fix the game first!” “Make babies better” “Give us cars”
How poorly the game functions with all of the bugs and glitches
None, I use twitter very rarely.
Updates and what content people hope for in future packs/updates
New content / gameplay issues
Probably the updates and new content. Kits are a very talked about topic and it causes some disagreements but I find it to be very respectful most of the time and most of the dissatisfaction is towards ea and not each other.
Building techniques, tips n tricks
The newest update, the pronoun update, making the game laggy.
I don't use twitter.
I am not sure
Bugs in game, not getting content we want and inclusivity.
Challenges mostly But when new packs come out then its mostly just the disappointment from fellow players 😅
The bad layouts of houses that people find.
Comparing your own life to sims e.g how the sim has a more eventful life, can actually afford a house etc
Complaints from players regarding the game itself - I.e wanting more updates, better game play
Mostly people just being annoyed at each others sims opinions. Or what kind of things they want added to the game etc. And content reviews.
Whether EA’s content is worth the prices they’re charging, and how broken the game is.
I don't use Twitter
How to build aesthetic and more intresting houses
Everyone hating kits and wanting a baby update
Dont use twitter
New releases
See above
Glitches or showcasing house builds/sims similarity to a real life person or a character from a movie et c.
Don't know
I don’t anymore because I closed the account.
New Sims updates
I'm not sure if you mean the Discord server or the Sims community as a whole, but I only really follow the Youtubers I watch.
Maybe house designs