The Use of Slang in YouTube Comments Under Ceremonial Speech Videos.

The poll results are public

This questionnaire was made by Diana Tomakh – a 2nd-year bachelor’s student of New Media Languages at Kaunas University of Technology. The questionnaire answers will be used in the research work – ”The Use of Slang in Comments on YouTube According to Ceremonial Speech Videos". This research aims to analyze how people communicate among certain discourse communities, depending on comments, reactions, and what communication etiquette rules they are following. The survey is anonymous but you always can contact me by email ([email protected]) to cancel your provided information. Thank you for your time in completing this questionnaire.

1. Your gender?

2. Your age?

3. What is your native language?

4. Do you use slang words or phrases in your daily conversation? (For example: "Leave it out"; "Hunky-dory" etc.)

5. Do you use slang words or phrases in media comments?

6. How often do you use numbers in words in written text? (For example: l8 = late, M8 = mate, 4 = for, 2 = too, db8 = debate)

7. Select the amount you agree or disagree with each of the following statements:

Strongly disagree
Neither agree nor disagree
Strongly agree
I usually use a short form of words in informal conversation
I often use words like LOL/OMG/IDK etc. in my daily verbal conversation
I often use words like LOL/OMG/IDK etc. in my daily written conversation
I always try to use different adjectives, ambitious and strong language while having a verbal or written conversation
I usually write comments on any kind of media
I usually use formal language
I usually try to write any kind of information easily, most understandably for people

8. It's important to me that...:

9. Choose what is closer to you:

10. What slang words or phrases/shortened words/words with numbers do you use and why?

11. If you don't use any of them, please provide your reason(s), or provide information about what communication etiquette rules you are following: