Tourism in Lithuania

What do you think of the tourism in Lithuania?Required to answer
Should Lithuania develop a plan to attract more tourists from Asian countries?Required to answer
How to increase the Asian tourists' footfall in Lithuania?Required to answer
Which is/are the main element/s in tourism development in Lithuania?Required to answer
Should the tourism development be given priority?Required to answer
Which tourists would you like to see more in Lithuania?Required to answer
Which of the Baltic states would you like tourists should visit more?Required to answer
Should Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia form a common tourism organisation?Required to answer
From which Asian countries would you like to have more tourists?Required to answer
How important are the following supporting activities from tourism point of view (0-unimportant, 5-very important)?Required to answer
IT Infrastructure
Hotels & Restaurants
Financial Intermediaries
Recreational, Cultural and Sporting Activities
How safe is Lithuania as a tourist destination? (0-not very safe, 5-very safe)Required to answer
Safety and Security
Which type of tourism is most popular in Lithuania?Required to answer
From the above mentioned types of tourism, which one would you like to see more promoted and why?Required to answer
In your opinion, does the climate of Lithuania affects tourism?Required to answer
Explain briefly, whether tourism will have adverse effects or positive effects on Lithuania?Required to answer
Please mention the positive or negative effects.