Trainees - Batch 79

Directions:  The statements below are designed to find out more about your work in class. Please answer all the statements

Rating scale from 1-5

1= totally disagree

3= neither agree nor disagree

5 = fully agree


NOTE Please remember that completing this form is voluntary

The poll results are private
Please rate the answers below:Required to answer
1= totally disagree2= slightly disagree3= neither agree nor disagree4= agree5= fully agree
1. I am satisfied with a variety of training activities and resources.
2. I have enough information about the training and procedures.
3. I am satisfied with my relationship with my classmates.
4. I am satisfied with my relationship with my teachers. (*Please leave your comments below if you have any)
5. I feel stressed out and tired because of the demanding teacher(s).
6. I work hard enough to achieve a good language level.
7. The course load is manageable.
8. The learning and teaching methods encourage my participation.
9. My classmates contribute to my better performance.
10. I can manage my time for self-study easily and effectively.
11. I think I could do better in the course if…Required to answer
12. The learning environment would be better if…Required to answer
Please leave your comment on question 4: I am satisfied/unsatisfied with my relationship with my teachers.