Travel agency questionnaire

Have you ever been customer of “The Backpackers LT”?
Why did you choose "The Backpackers LT" over other travel agencies?
How did you find out about the company?
How often do you travel per year?
Where did you book your trips before you were customer of "The Backpackers LT"?
What do you think about travel agencies? (If you have never been customer of "The Backpackers LT", don't choose any answer.)Required to answer
strongly disagreestrongly agree
The price is important for my decision for or against a trip.
I take discounts (early bird/last-minute discounts) into account for my decision for a trip.
I use Social Media to inform myself about trips.
I book all my trips on the internet.
I prefer package tours over single bookings.
Quick respondence (e. g. in case of questions or changes) of a travel agency is important to me.
A wide range of destinations is an important criterion when I choose travel agencies.
Would you recommend "The Backpackers LT"?
How often did you book trips of "The Backpackers LT"?
What is your gender?
How old are you?
What is your current employment status?
What is your current monthly income?
What is the highest degree or level of school you have completed?