Travel Safe

I'm currently collecting data from young adults and parents/guardians to discover what measures are necessary to feel safer when travelling, for reassurance and peace of mind. Therefore, I have prepared a few questions to help allocate these particular necessities and engage with personal preferences. 

The poll results are public

The thought of my child going travelling really frightens me

What are your main concerns as a parent? E.g safety, Covid, well being

I wouldn't feel comfortable if my child travelled independently

What are your main concerns regarding independent travelling?

I would encourage my child to travel extensively

Hypothetically if your son/daughter is planning to go travelling, how do you see your role as a parent in supporting your child with preparation?

What personal attributes does your son/daughter have that will enhance their travelling experience?

Which of these benefits is most important to you? Please tick only one box

When packing for the trip, what essentials would you ensure your child had to make sure they were fully equipped?

What items from the following would be the most important to pack for additional safety measures? Please tick only 4 boxes

How do you prefer to shop?

Which aspect is most important to you when buying? Please tick only one

Where do you currently shop most frequently? E.g Asos, M&S