Travel Safe

I'm currently collecting data from young adults and parents/guardians to discover what measures are necessary to feel safer when travelling, for reassurance and peace of mind. Therefore, I have prepared a few questions to help allocate these particular necessities and engage with personal preferences. 

What personal attributes does your son/daughter have that will enhance their travelling experience?
Don’t know
Mixes easily with others. A lot of common sense.
Respectful, curious, independent, resilient
Resourceful! Sociable
They love travelling already and my daughter has already visited Dominican Republic to study medicine in a hospital for 2 weeks a few years ago - I think they both are excited to travel more and they themselves have no fear!
Intelligence and open mind
They are very independent
Common sense Friendly and sociable
I believe that independence will help with their travelling and the ability to think on their feet. Also being good at problem solving and having common sense is key to helping with their travelling experience.
Awareness of strangers. Confidence of travelling.How to get support, planning and organising. Communication with friends and family.
Quick thinker, used to travelling and would be able to find /ask for help. Good communicator
Good common sense
Bright intelligent common sense and great independence
Curiousity, cautiousness, friendliness, situational awareness, judgement, responsibility, “what would mum or dad want me to think or do”
Sociable, adventurous, like to make friends, inquisitive
Enthusiasm, communication skills, ability to read maps
Bravery, independence, curiosity
Ability to talk to anyone (albeit very limited foreign languages). Sense of humour.
confidence, logical, kind and pragmatic
Sociable Sensible Adventurous Determined Non judgemental Assertive
Confidence, personable, common sense