Travel Safe

I'm currently collecting data from young adults and parents/guardians to discover what measures are necessary to feel safer when travelling, for reassurance and peace of mind. Therefore, I have prepared a few questions to help allocate these particular necessities and engage with personal preferences. 

What are your main concerns as a parent? E.g safety, Covid, well being
Well being
Travelling alone. I think everyone should stay in a group where possible.
For my daughter, it’s safety and the current Covid situation - perhaps being stranded somewhere.
Safety, covid-19 and not quite knowing what he's doing or where he is
Safety and well being
Being too trusting in someone
Safety or illness abroad
All the above I want my child be safe at all times and with Covid that presents other difficulties.
Safety and well-being mainly
Safety and well being.
Well being keeping themselves alert to danger around them using common sense looking out for people they are travelling with not to be too trusting
Covid and lack of access to health care in other countries; Covid deniers and unvaccinated people; lack of access to proper sanitation; travel delays due to Covid or testing requirements. It also depends on where they are going. What does “travel king” mean? One specific destination to stay with family or friends in a safe environment, or backpacking around for weeks staying in hostels, etc.?
Safety, Loneliness, mental well being
Being able to communicate
Getting into trouble abroad
Uncertain places, Dodgy people, Access to drugs,
General vulnerability of being on own
Safety Access to good health care if needed Activities which pose risks to health & wellbeing War and political unease/ tensions
Being physically hurt (attacked)