Travel Safe

I'm currently collecting data from young adults and parents/guardians to discover what measures are necessary to feel safer when travelling, for reassurance and peace of mind. Therefore, I have prepared a few questions to help allocate these particular necessities and engage with personal preferences. 

What are your main concerns regarding independent travelling?
Child being too far away to help if in trouble.
Unknown country, attitudes to women, sharing accommodation with strangers
Just don't feel its appropriate for a child!
I would much prefer both my children when travelling to be in a group
Safety and well being
Not having another person there to help with good decision making
Does this mean travelling alone? I would encourage and support travelling as I think it is a great life experience but would worry about the higher risks, especially for a single woman, of travelling alone. At least with a friend or a small group would be safer.
I would feel my child would be more vulnerable on their own as I would feel it would be safer to travel in a group or at least in a pair as they could help each other if anything happened.
Who she can trust, drugs and alcohol adding to vulnerability
Threat from the opposite sex.
Well being Being taken advantage of
Not to put themselves into danger NOT to trusting Always let people know how and where you are
All the previously mentioned concerns plus what if they lost or had their phone or wallet or passport stolen?
Loneliness , safety, lack of friends you know and trust
That I would miss them too much
Vulnerable on their own.
single and vulnerable as a woman
Vulnerability especially if female Lack of companionship to share experiences with/ support if needed
Being in a foreign country where it is more difficult to assess risk