Travel Safe

I'm currently collecting data from young adults and parents/guardians to discover what measures are necessary to feel safer when travelling, for reassurance and peace of mind. Therefore, I have prepared a few questions to help allocate these particular necessities and engage with personal preferences. 

When packing for the trip, what essentials would you ensure your child had to make sure they were fully equipped?
Don’t know
Phone, spare battery, comfortable shoes, clothes for all weather. Sun screen, insect repellent. Local currency. List of emergency phone numbers.
Phone & charger, passport and all travel docs, clear instructions to arrive at destination, first aid kit, medication,
Medication Appropriate clothing Communication aids Money
Money Medication Contact details
First aid kit, guides on the places they were visiting, contact details of people at home, credit card just in case!
Phone, credit card
Phone and charger Emergency contact details
Travel insurance Access to money in an emergency My ‘child’ is an adult so I think they would sort everything else out for themselves.
Appropriate clothing and essential equipment in order to protect themselves.
Rape alarm or planner/ travel book. Phone and access to cash.
First aid kit Battery block Rough guide to wherever they are going Contact numbers
Emergency rations of food and drink. Wash bag Spare pants Torch Spare batteries
Depends where they were going
Good travel backpack and duffel, quick dry versatile clothing, good walking shoes & socks, thoughtful toiletries, sunglasses, hat, sun protective clothing, money, water bottle, travel guides, personal contacts when possible.
Emergency / back up phone, money cards, money / phone belt for under clothing/ local emergency phone numbers/ medical kit , cap/hat gloves, water bottle sleeping bag
First aid/ medicines, access to emergency cash
Rape alarm. First aid kit, knife, torch, money safety purse worn on body
Maps, accommodation booked, currency in a convenient format, good sleeping bag, compact tent,
Money/ card phone / tablet coms plan
First aid kit List of immunisations / allergies / necessary medications Photocopy of passport and spare passport photos for visas etc Emergency contact details with emergency monies
Antibiotics, first aid kit, information about how to access help abroad in an emergency