Trekking Encounters Nepal customer satisfaction survey

Hi Everyone 

I am a student from IBA  Kolding in AP DEGREE MARKETING MANAGEMENT.  Iam doing survey regarding the customer satisfaction for Trekking Encounters Nepal. I would like to hear your opinion about our services if you have already visited our company,this survey is for academic purpose . 

Thanks in advance , I appreciate your time .



what is your age group?
Where are you from ?
How did you know about Trekking Encounters Nepal ?
what do you prefer most in our company services ?
What is the main things you like about Trekking Encounters ?
How would you rate our price?
How often do you use our service ?
would you recommend others to visit Trekking Encounters?
How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with our company service ?
What is your opinion about Trekking Encounters collaborating with Kalsubai Trek in India ?

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