University Dining-home Questionnaire

Students: Hello, everybody, school canteens is part of life in school, your health status of our school canteens, food pricing and service have any views on the situation, delay few minutes of your time, please fill out the following, thank you for your cooperation.
1.What do you think about the people's hygiene who is working on dining-home?Required to answer
2.Do you often eat unfresh or bad food?Required to answer
3.Is the food rich or varied?Required to answer
4.What do you think the waiters when they fight the food weight?Required to answer
5.Canteen Vegetables insulation situation?
This question answers are private
6.Your school canteen food tastes satisfied?Required to answer
7.The canteen food prices now, do you think?Required to answer
8.Whether the school canteen meals a quantitative pricing?Required to answer
9.Do you think spending a day in school canteens much more reasonable?Required to answer
10.How do you feel like dining in order?Required to answer
11.You feel the attitude of the waiters how?Required to answer
12.Does the school canteen set up the supervision organization?Required to answer
13.Do you often go out and restaurant meals?Required to answer
If you have any suggestions for the school's restaurant or comments, please write it down:
This question answers are private