Use and knowledge of AI



I am a second-year New Media Language student at the Kaunas University of Technology. 

The goal of this survey is to find out if the use of AI in various fields is a common practice among students.

The user data will be kept anonymous in the survey with the opportunity to withdraw from the study at any given moment. Once the survey is filled out, you will be able to review the results.


If you wish to withdraw from this study or have any questions, please contact me via my email: [email protected]


Thank you for your time and contribution.


Any kinds of feedback for the survey will be appreciated.
A well-done survey
A very relevant topic. The cover letter is missing some important aspects related to ethics, e.g. giving the right to withdraw from the study, being able to contact the researcher, etc. Some questions (e.g. slides) lack explanation of the extreme values (do I mark the least at the left hand side or..?). The examples of AI use could have 'other' option, because there are so many more ways we use AI in our daily lives apart from generative AI.
Cool survey;)