Virtual technology for use in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) - questionnaire for educators

Dear educator,
the expected effect of the use of interactive technologies in educational institutions is, first of all, the active involvement of students in the learning process, planning by students of their own learning process and, as a result, better assimilation of educational material. Can you confirm these claims or not? Has your own needs analysis led to similar conclusions? Or do you have a completely different view of these things?
Please share your opinion and experience of using interactive technologies in education.

2.1. There is little/no knowledge within teachers/ lecturers about interactive technologies and how they can be utilised within educational institutions.
2.2. Teachers / trainers know little about how these technologies can be used in education and training.
2.3. Trainers / teachers are interested in integrating interactive technologies into their teaching, but they are not trained or familiar with the use of technology.
2.4. Trainers/teachers are too busy with other areas of their work to deal with new forms of teaching.
2.5. There are concerns that interactive technology will not deliver quality teaching and learning.
2.6. Using interactive technologies in teaching may negatively impact digital learning on students.
2.7. There is a lack of high-speed internet in organizations and institutions.
2.8. There is no corresponding software / apps in educational institutions.
2.9. Educational institutions can afford the hardware and software but need consulting to buy the right equipment.
2.10. There are too few technical staff/experts in educational institutions to easily integrate interactive technologies into the teaching process and use them in the long term.
2.11. Interactive technology is not yet sufficiently developed to be easily used in teaching.
2.12. The software and applications of interactive technologies are currently constantly evolving and changing, and for use in training there is a risk of losing the created objects of interactive training.
2.13. The planning of the educational process in educational organizations is mandatory in accordance with a given curriculum, which in most cases does not take into account innovative technologies.

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