Visitor Perception of Brighton's Management for Enduring Destination

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Thank you for taking the time to participate in the PhD (title "Tourism supply chain management towards destination's endurance") survey. Your answers will help to understand how well your expectations are being met during your visit in Brighton and identify areas for improvement.

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Your privacy is of utmost importance. All responses provided in this survey will be kept strictly confidential. Your individual responses will only be viewed and analyzed in aggregate form, and no personally identifiable information will be disclosed without your explicit consent.

Purpose of the Survey:

The aim of the survey: using the key tourism supply chain stakeholder (Destination Management Organizations, Tour operators and Travel Agents, Accommodation and Transportation sectors) input on strategies to optimize sustainability and resilience at the destination, to investigate the endurance perceptions and behaviors of consumers in Brighton, United Kingdom.Task: to investigate consumer viewpoint and output on sustainability and resilience in Brighton.

Survey Instructions:

Please read each question carefully and provide honest and thoughtful responses based on your experiences. Your answers will help to make informed decisions to enhance the sustainability and resilience measures within the destination.

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The survey should take approximately 10-15 minutes (50 short questions) to complete. Your time and participation are greatly appreciated.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding this survey, please don't hesitate to contact [email protected]

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Sincerely, PhD student at Klaipeda University, Rima Karsokiene

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1. Does Brighton's reputation as a tourist destination influence your decision to visit?

2. Have you observed specific initiatives or policies during your visit that positively impacted your perception of Brighton?

3. Was Brighton's commitment to sustainability and environmental policies important in your decision to visit?

4. Are you aware of any efforts by the local government or governing organizations to address environmental concerns and promote sustainable tourism practices in Brighton?

5. Are you satisfied with the transparency and clarity of communication regarding tourism-related policies and initiatives in Brighton, for example, on VisitBrighton?

6. Does the preservation of cultural heritage and promotion of local traditions influence your perception of Brighton?

7. Do you agree that the local community contributes to shaping the overall perception and authenticity of Brighton as a tourist destination?

8. Do you consider Brighton as a safe and welcoming destination based on your interactions and experiences during your visit?

9. Was it easy for you to access information about tourism governance decisions and policy changes in Brighton during your visit?

10. Would you recommend Brighton as a tourist destination based on your overall experience and perception during your visit?

11. Did you notice any eco-friendly attractions or your tour operator/travel agent collaborations with local suppliers during your visit to Brighton?

12. Were there any educational components included in the tours you participated in to raise awareness about environmental issues?

13. Did you observe measures to reduce waste and minimize plastic use during your tours in Brighton, such as providing reusable water bottles?

14. Would you agree to pay more knowing that your tour operator or travel agent is donating a portion of their proceeds to local conservation organizations in Brighton?

15. Do you agree that sustainability practices from tour operators and travel agents contribute to the long-term endurance of Brighton as a tourist destination?

16. Did you stay in accommodations that prioritize sustainability during your visit to Brighton?

17. Were you encouraged by tour operator or travel agent to use low-impact transportation options while traveling within Brighton?

18. Did you notice any initiatives from your tour operator or travel agent that supported local businesses and contributed to the local economy during your visit?

19. Were you educated by tour operator or travel agent about responsible tourism practices and encouraged to minimize your environmental impact while visiting Brighton?

20. Did you receive any follow-up communication from your tour operator or travel agent after your visit to Brighton to reinforce your awareness and commitment to responsible travel practices?

21. Were you educated on energy-efficient practices or efforts to reduce energy consumption during your stay?

22. Did you observe the procurement and/or distribution of locally sourced, organic, and sustainably produced goods at the hotel?

23. Were there any initiatives to minimize waste and save energy implemented by the hotel during your visit?

24. Did you notice any initiatives to reduce water consumption or promote water conservation measures during your stay at the hotel?

25. Were you informed about the hotel's efforts to prioritize sourcing from local suppliers for various products and services?

26. Did you notice any initiatives to incentivize off-peak travel or hosting pop-up shops and networking events at the hotel?

27. Did you notice any collaborations with local businesses or support for community development initiatives by the hotel?

28. While exploring, did you notice any efforts by the hotel to involve local residents in unique roles or activities, beyond the typical tourist experience?

29. Were there partnerships with local organizations or promotions of local artists and cultural events within the hotel?

30. Do you think the hotel's efforts contribute to economic diversification and celebrate the cultural richness of Brighton?

31. Are you aware of initiatives or efforts by transportation companies in Brighton to reduce their carbon footprint and promote eco-friendly travel options?

32. Do you consider factors such as fuel efficiency, emissions, or use of alternative fuels when selecting transportation services in Brighton?

33. Have you noticed any signage or communication from transportation companies in Brighton regarding their sustainability initiatives or environmental commitments?

34. Do you agree transportation companies in Brighton communicate their efforts to minimize environmental impact to tourists like yourself effectively?

35. Do you find specific sustainability measures or practices implemented by transportation companies in Brighton noteworthy or appealing?

36. Do you believe transportation companies in Brighton play a significant role in promoting sustainable travel practices among visitors to the city?

37. Would you rather be inclined to choose transportation options in Brighton that prioritize sustainability, even if it meant slightly higher costs or longer travel times?

38. Should transportation companies in Brighton collaborate with tourists and other stakeholders to further promote and support sustainable transportation initiatives in the city?

39. Have you observed efforts by transportation companies in Brighton to engage with local communities or support social causes?

40. Could transportation companies in Brighton further enhance their sustainability efforts to better meet the needs and expectations of environmentally conscious tourists?

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43. Your education level

44. Your employment status

45. Your household income

46. Your travel frequency

47. Your usual travel companionship

48. Your usual length of stay at the destination

49. Your usual purpose of travel to the destination

50. Previous visits to the destination: