Visual elements of graphic novels and their influence on readers.


This survey is dedicated to both long time readers of graphic novels and people who maybe recently took a liking in this hobby.  

My research aims to evaluate the most important visual elements of different graphic novels and how they influence readers.

For better understanding, survey refers to visual elements as illustrations, line-work, textures and etc. Graphic novels are all mainly about presenting and telling a story by emphasizing on visual expression, rather than solely relying on text. However it is also an important element on its own due to its ability of adding visual value to already existing one achieved by illustrations, composition and etc.

The survey should take about 10-15 minutes of your time. The confidentiality of your personal information is guaranteed. The collected data will be used only for the purpose of this research.

Your participation in the survey is very appreciated!

1. What is your age group?
2. What region are you from?
3. When reading a graphic novel, do you ever come across a problem of not fully understanding the story even after multiple runs due to illustrations being too complicated or too minimalistic?
4. Which detail of design is most likely to catch and hold your attention first when inspecting a graphic novel you've never read?
5. What style of illustrations in a graphic novel are you most fond of?
6. What is your favorite panel composition?
7. What type of font do you find most comfortable to read in a graphic novel?
8. What kind of color choice do you find the most appealing in a graphic novel?
9. Let's say you've read a graphic novel and you really enjoy its visual style but you find it lacking in other aspects like story:
10. What kind of line-work do you find most appealing in a graphic novel (including borders of panels)?
11. How do you read a graphic novel?
12. What element of illustration captivate your attention for the longest time?
13. Does the type and texture of paper used for a graphic novel add up to the whole visual experience for you?
14. Have you ever run into a problem of having too much text to the point of ruining your graphic novel reading experience?
15. What kind of graphic novel are you more likely to buy?
16. What is your opinion on experimental graphic novels?
17. Would you like reading markers to be integrated into graphic novels similar to the ones used in regular books?
18. What design detail in a graphic novel grabs your attention the least?
19. When you finish reading a graphic novel, you are most likely to come back and:
20. You think that front covers should:
21. Would you prefer having a dust jacket cover on your graphic novel?

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