VMU students' vulnerability to political propaganda

Hello, I am 2nd year VMU student of international politics and development studies. The aim of this survey is to find out if VMU students are familiar with definition of political propaganda and its types. This survey is anonymous and results will not be public but will be used for scientific purposes. Thank you in advance for your answers.

Your gender
Your age
Year of study
In your opinion, what it is political propaganda? Describe it in your own words.
Where do you heard the term "political propaganda" first?
In your opinion, whether in Lithuania there is enough information on political propaganda. Argument your case.
What methods of political propaganda you know?
In scale from 1 to 10, evaluate education system provided knowledge on political propaganda.
Do you think that there is enough provided information on political propaganda in Lithuania?
Do you think that political propaganda is relevant these days? Argument you answer.