What do you see?

Please write down what you make or what image you see from each question.

What do you see?
Women at an altar
Cowboy playing volleyball
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Two women on the sides. A heart on the middle. Down that heart... I can't describe.
woman with poofy curly hair from another century
A woman in the middle looking angry (hands on hips) and then two women on her sides worshiping her and trying to calm her down.
La Catriona getting ready for Dia de los Muertes. She has a giant hat on & 2 maids helping her at each side.
Wash women
Two women at a fountain
Elephant with weird triceps
Zenyatta from Overwatch
black paint
Hindu gods
Ganesh (or whatever that elephant god is called)
queen and her servants
People praying
People bowing to an evil powerful entity
Two people worshipping a weird thteee headed thing in the middle
Two people serving a lady in a high power position, possibly a Goddess
Yoga people
Spider-Man, ship sails, fat ladies
Yoga lady
Queen sat in the middle with legs crossed, surrounded by people praying
In the middle, someone is sat cross legged, on the side, two people are working on something, e.g. knitting/weaving
A guy with an afro wearing a mask
Girls dancing
An angry lady
Shiva in the middle with warriors either side
a lady in a headress stood in the centre with two people bowing their heads either side
Lady djing with two people watching
Tribal African women