Wind power

Questionnaire about wind power
1. Are you interested in wind power?
2. Do you believe that wind power will replace nuclear power in Lithuania?
3. Is it dangerous for people’s health to build wind turbines near resident houses?
4. Do you want to have your own wind turbine near house and have free electricity supply?
5. Do you agree that wind turbines damage landscape?
6. Do you know that the first windmill was built before Crist?
7. 2MW wind turbine in a good location can cover electricity for 2000 householders per year.
8. Have you ever heard that the sound from wind turbine has the same sound as ordinary speech?
9. Do you agree that one of the most important points of wind turbines is clean environment?
10. Lithuania has just 4 wind turbines.
11. EU is planning to build 100 wind power stations in Lithuania, do you accept that?
12. What is your occupation?