Women beauty in China

Hello, I' am Indre Piliponyte, East Asian languages and culture student from Lithuania. Now I' am writing my final thesis about conception of women beauty in China and Lithuania. 

The aim of this surrvey is to find out chinese people opinion about what is beautiful women.  The results of this surrvey will be compared with lithuanians opinion and will show difference between lithuanians and chinese people opinion. Answering most of the questions you can choose multiple options or write your own opinion. Questions from 25 to 29 is specifically just for women. Thank you for your time and opinion! 

The surrvey is  anonymous and will not be used publicly. 

6. How would you describe beautiful skin?
it depends on personal style.tanned skin suits some people and white skin suits another.This idea is recognized by many Chinese and there are,lots of popular Chinese stars with tanned skin
Chinese people skin is beautiful.it is eclectic.
We like rosy skin.
Fair skin but not that pale,ruddy and dewy
healthy skin
Normal healthy skin
White skin and pink cheek.
every type of skin is ok
It depends. Some people's skin is white and beautiful, while some are dark, but also beautiful.
Tanned,but not too dark, more like honey
healthy,dark or white is Ok
Not super dark but tan
no matter if it is healthy looking skin
Slightly tanned